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Productivity apps are among the most used for routine tasks in business. That's why every business has to give their staff the best apps. We explain below the main reasons to choose an official Microsoft Office licence.

Principal advantages of buying a Microsoft Office licence

Acquiring a Microsoft Office 365 enterprise licence is one of the best ways of accessing one of the most important productivity suites. It will provide your staff with industry-standard applications like Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Flexibility is one of its differentiating features, because an official licence allows the programs to be used both in the office and when we’re working from home.
At the same time, Microsoft Office licensing is readily scalable. No matter how much your business grows, you can increase the number of licensed devices to match. Connectivity is great for working in teams, so if several people are working together on a project it’s a breeze from them to pull it off.
In the long term, a Microsoft Office 365 licence can save money through the integrated Cloud storage, advanced security and automatic updates provided by Microsoft. And at Licendi, we check our customers’ existing licences before selecting the one that is absolutely the best for them.

The best options at Licendi

You can find all kinds of licence for productivity apps and operating systems on our website. We have a long track record in the industry.
To conclude, the choice of a Microsoft Office licence is one of the best ways to make sure you can work comfortably over the long term.