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Acquiring a genuine Windows licence has many benefits and improves the user experience on any computer. That's why we go on to explain in this post the benefits and the different Windows licences that you can choose from.

Why you should buy a Windows licence

Choosing to buy a Windows licence will optimise the functioning of an operating system. A Windows licence will ensure the maximum performance your equipment is capable of. Microsoft technical support is there to help with any incidents, at any time.Microsoft provides licenceholders with periodic automatic updates so that your tech is always right up to date. In fact, Microsoft also provides virus and malware protection to guard against operating system mishaps.
Licendi has the best prices for Windows licences. That means our customers can make long-term investments and extend the useful life of their computers. The benefits of an official licence over pirated software are many, which makes them definitely the best option.

Different types of Windows licence

It is essential to understand the different types of Windows licence that are available. An OEM licence is one of the most common. They are basically linked to a single device. The OEM licence is the one that generally comes pre-installed on a new computer.
On the other hand, full licences have extra benefits, although they tend to be a little more expensive. A full licence comes with ownership and the OS can be installed on more than one computer. It's generally the best type of licence for a business. Our team can confirm the Windows licences that are available.
Indeed, a Windows licence is indispensable to get the best performance from a computer and extending its useful working life. At Licendi we have a wide range of products. Check for yourself on our website.