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In this section you will find all our products that you can purchase and pay for through subscriptions. Whether for Games/Gaming, Microsoft Office, Operating Systems, Music or Productivity Software (Autodesk or Adobe).

Microsoft Office Subscriptions

Microsoft offers many different software packages, with different payment methods. On the one hand, there are single-purchase products with perpetual duration. On the other hand, there are products of limited duration, which are paid monthly or annually. These subscription products are for example Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) or individual products such as Microsoft Project or Microsoft Visio.

Subscriptions to design software

Just as Microsoft offers a subscription option for its productivity software, Adobe and Autodesk also offer a subscription option for their software.

Xbox-Gold or PlayStation-Live subscriptions

On the two most popular platforms in the gaming world, it is necessary to pay a monthly or yearly fee to be able to compete with other online gamers. Although this used to be free of charge and came with the purchase of a PlayStation or Xbox, this is no longer the case.

Music service subscriptions

Similar to the subscription required to play online games, you also pay to listen to music. The world’s most popular platform, Spotify, offers various subscription plans for listening to music on its application.

Subscriptions to SaaS services

Services such as Semrush, Deepl, or The Financial Times also offer their services to individuals and companies. These types of products can be purchased and allow the user to use and access these products online.